The senior community near Watauga, TX, that your loved one deserves

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right assisted living facility. You are fully entitled to feel anxious and worried since you care so much for your loved one.

In order to give your loved one what they deserve and need, consider the following when selecting their assisted living facility:

Ashwood Court is proud to be a family-owned and operated senior living community in Watauga. We take pride in providing our Residents with a comfortable, caring place to call home. Discover why we're the best senior living facility in Watauga, TX by contacting us today.

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"When trying to find a place for my aunt… I talked with a friend whose mother had been in Ashwood Court… She told me 'Kay when my time comes for assisted living, I am going to live there. A lot of the people that work there have been there for quite a few years. And they really love their job. Plus, Ashwood Court's food is really GREAT, especially the chicken & dumplings.' It is so great to see my aunt become happy again and participate in lots of events every day."

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Your loved one can be cared for by the most skilled, qualified, and kind staff members.

Every day, we have three delicious meals prepared by our in-house chef. Our mission is to make sure every Resident has fresh, home-cooked meals every day.

Because we know social interaction is important, our events coordinator makes everything fun. At Ashwood Court, there's always something happening, from live music to physical activities.

Our groundskeeper takes great care of our properties so our Residents can enjoy the outdoors.

Keeping your loved one healthy requires our wellness director to work closely with our medical teams. So you can both have peace of mind knowing that medications are managed properly.

We have a truly exceptional care team. You can be confident that they will provide your loved one with the care they need.

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Live in Watauga? Our assisted living facility is nearby.

At Ashwood Court, you can enjoy many amenities and accommodations, such as...

Facility Accommodations
Private Suites Amenities

Residents love the independent living community we offer

When choosing a senior living community in Watauga, TX, there are a lot of factors to consider. We offer the following amenities that are sure to enhance the quality of life of your loved one.

A compassionate approach

It is crucial to carefully choose a nursing home based on the quality of its nursing staff. Genuine care can be felt by anyone. You can be assured that your loved one will be well cared for and loved at Ashwood in Watauga, TX.

An active community with lots of fun

The key to aging well is living an active lifestyle. Residents at Ashwood enjoy a higher quality of life due to the activities and friendships they gain. The key to a great assisted living community is when Residents feel like they belong.

We provide on-site care 24/7

Ashwood Court near Watauga, Texas, offers 24/7 staff to ensure your relative is well taken care of. When an emergency occurs, you can count on us to be right there to help, and we will notify you immediately.

Financial ease

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of the dozens of bills that arrive each month in our mailbox. We offer consolidate your housing and utility bills so our Residents don't need to worry about remembering to pay multiple bills.

Keeping a healthy environment

When we get older, even the most basic tasks become more difficult. Ashwood assists with these tasks so that you can feel assured your loved one is in good hands.

Independence Continued

Our assisted living facility in Watauga understands that independence should be based on the comfort of the Resident. In all of their daily activities, our Residents receive the freedom they desire.

Safety in Transportation

We offer safe, reliable, and accessible transportation. We understand that moving into an assisted living facility can be challenging to get used to, so we do whatever we can to make this transition easier.

Peace of mind

Our top priority is to ease your biggest concerns. The safety of your family is very important to you. The same is true for us. Enjoy peace of mind at Ashwood Court.


Do you offer short-term and long-term care?

We have Residents at Ashwood Court who live here for many years, as well as those who stay for a few weeks or months. At our assisted living community near Watagua TX, you'll find a solution that suits your needs.

Are amenities included in each apartment?

Our goal is to make each apartment feel like home. Our kitchenettes come with microwaves and fridges. We also offer DirectTV and telephone services for a reasonable price.

What housekeeping services do you provide?

Our Residents receive weekly housekeeping services, as well as laundry services.

Your food is fresh, right?

Absolutely! A tasty home-cooked meal is served every day.

Are all ages of adults accepted at Ashwood Court?

The majority of our Residents are over 55. Nonetheless, we provide care for adults of all ages.

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A quality senior living community near Watauga, Texas.

Knowing your family member is well cared for and loved will give you peace of mind. Ashwood Court's Residents are part of a community where they can feel comfortable and cared for. We look forward to helping your loved one too.

Ashwood Court cares.

Contact us today to learn more about our facility. We look forward to sharing our community with you.

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